Guild Wars 2: Warrior PvP v2

Recently, I searched the internet for a better WvW build and came across a build from someone who based it on his PvP build. I was curious and so tried it in PvP and I love it!

The major traits selected are:

- II Dogged March
- IX Cleansing Ire
- VIII Last Stand

- II Lung Capacity
- VII Shrug It Off
- XII Vigorous Shouts

- III Warrior's Sprint

GW2 Warrior traits PvP v2

It is almost the same as my previous build except that I took Last Stand instead of Defy Pain and Warrior's Sprint instead of Inspiring Shout. This build is exactly the same as the person who posted it except that he took Spiked Armor instead of Last Stand. I find the latter much more useful in current PvP meta where fear, stun, daze, knockdown etc are present in almost every single hotjoin PvP I'm in. Also, instead of Warrior's Sprint, he chose Deep Cuts for increased bleeding duration.

But why the necessity of Warrior's Sprint now? That's because there is a key change in weapon set: sword+sword replace rifle and that is further supported by the use of the following PvP rune and PvP amulet:

GW2 Warrior PvP rune v2

GW2 Warrior PvP amulet v2

So do you see where this is going? It's still the same healing shout build but with much more durability due to increase Vitality and Toughness, and potent condition damage from both sword+sword and longbow. It also has 3 more condi removals due to choice of rune. Suddenly, just because of selection of weapon, rune and amulet, my warrior now is bunkier and more lethal at the same time :)

Since I'm not using Rune of the Traveler any more, I need Warrior's Sprint to move faster. Once you experience faster movement, you're addicted to it :P

Oh, also, the healing skill is now the Healing Signet instead of Healing Surge, which provides about 500-900+ healing per second (together with the minor trait that gives regeneration based on adrenaline level).

My initial concern was that I'm bad at melee and so I practised against the NPCs in Heart of the Mist and then in a few matches, paying special attention to the combat log. I had to modify my combat strategy so as to increase the chance of my melee hit :P It helps that I could do use the sword+sword set to leap (sword skill number 2 i.e. Savage Leap) and then immobilise opponent while applying devastating bleeding damage.

I am also practising how to disengage from a fight. Basically, the idea is to activate the Healing Signet, use Savage Leap to leap away and then activate Signet of Rage to gain Swift. Run away/around until a shout (hopefully a few!) is available for healing and the Healing Signet is active again. It helps that Savage Leap has quite a low cooldown (8s) and so I could use it again soon to leap even further away.

I probably will use this build for WvW as well although I believe my mesmer has better chance at surviving. Unfortunately, Settler armour is not something that one can craft from scratch and it's also missing from the list of Glorious armour. Bah! So I'm saving gold now to get all the pieces. I've gotten the runes already.
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