Guild Wars 2: At the beginning

I can't remember exactly when I started playing this game but for sure it's been less than a year because my old laptop's specification didn't meet its minimum requirements.

I love mages and so after reading the description of various classes, called professions here in the game, I decided to start of as an elementalist. It was only after a few levels my friends told me that that was the hardest profession to play and boy they are right.

Elementalist has maximum 29 buttons to handle (maybe more now since they patched the game to enable some commands for summoned creatures). Compare that to warrior (16) and mesmer (19). Yes, it's not necessary to use all the buttons (some you rarely use and some you never use) but it's tedious to be flipping around. A warrior and mesmer have 2 sets of weapons to use (and you inevitably will use both sets) and each set of weapon comes with 5 skills. Elementalist can only use 1 set of weapons but the 5 weapon skills change depending on which element (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) you select at any one time @@. This is on top of 5 utility skills to consider to use.

I find it too hard to play elementalist (dies to easily and takes too long to kill creatures) and had to abandon him at level 40 (max level is 80), which is a pity because I love the visual effects of the various weapon skills across different elements. As Ban would say, I like "boom boom" lol.

So that was when I started a warrior. I can't remember why I chose him. I probably researched "easiest class to play" or something like that lol. It is easily believable because from my experience, a warrior-like class is usually the easiest to least up to mid-level. In some games, it gets harder for warrior at higher levels.

Nevertheless, the idea of playing an Asura warrior (Asura is the smallest race) is appealing because it reminds me of Yoda using light saber in duels.

(to be continued)
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