Guild Wars 2: Warrior

There's so much of my warrior build that I want to talk about but I'll try to summarise as well as possible.

It's inspired by someone's idea of a healing shout build i.e. each time I use a shout skill, I'll heal.

The major traits selected for PVE and WvW are:

- II Dogged March
- IX Cleansing Ire
- XI Defy Pain

- II Lung Capacity
- VII Shrug It Off
- XII Vigorous Shouts

- III Warrior's Sprint

This is a snapshot of the major and minor traits:

GW2 Warrior traits

There's a lot of synergy among the traits. For example, normally a warrior gains adrenaline only if he hits but in this build, I also gain it each time I'm hit and when I swap weapon. Each time I gain adrenaline, I gain regeneration. I also regenerate health based on adrenaline level and each time I'm affected by movement-impending conditions. All of these is on top of the key major trait that allows me to heal each time I use a shout skill, of which its recharge time is reduced by a major trait.

Weapon set 1: Greatsword
Weapon set 2: Longbow

Greatsword is great for high damage especially the Hundred Blades skill. I usually start of with Greatsword Swing to inflict 4-5 stacks of vulnerability and then use Hundred Blades. I'll switch to rifle (before battle) if I think it's too hazardous to melee.

Longbow is used chiefly to create a combo to give area might. The combo is created by first using Combustive Shot and then followed by Arcing Arrow. So I usually start off with greatsword but then when adrenaline is near maximum, I swap to longbow (and thus gain max adrenaline) and perform this combo. Longbow is also used if there are, say, more than 3 mobs clustering together since it's long range and most of its skills have multiple targets.

Utility skills:
Healing Surge - great amount of heal based on adrenaline and synergises with increased adrenaline gains.
For Great Justice - give might stacks to myself and allies too.
Fear Me - a good "get out of jail" skill hehehe
Shake It Off - conditions clearance for myself and allies, and also a stun breaker
Signet of Rage - gain more adrenaline!

I often Fear Me and Shake It Off just for heals especially if I know there's no need for their primary functions. It helps that a major trait reduces their recharge time and so I get to use them again sooner.

Armour rune: Superior Rune of Divinity. Too poor to buy anything else. In any case, this rune is great on its own.

For PvP build, since I can have Rune of the Traveler (which grants 25% faster movement), I replace the Discipline's major trait Warrior' Sprint with Inspiring Shout to gain even more adrenaline. Also, I use rifle instead of greatsword because I'm so bad at chasing and hitting people with melee weapon.

This is how my warrior looks like with a mixture of Draconic and Glorious exotic armour:

GW2 Warrior ori outfit

This is how he looks like with an overlay outfit (of which I dye it so it's unique) that I obtained during the recent Halloween festival (my first outfit!):

GW2 Warrior overlay outfit

So cute, right? :)
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