Watami: 2nd vist

After our first visit, we went there again after gym mainly because I wanted to get vacuum dust bags from Harvey Norman (just nearby Watami). As an aside, anyone know where I can get such bags for Pensonic model PVC-25A? Or any brand that have replacement bags of similar size.

Once again, I intended to order ramen but was sidetracked into ordering Salmon & Avocado Roll Sushi (RM 21.90) :P

Watami 4

Watami 5

When it first arrived at our table, I was dismayed to see it was glazed but luckily there didn't seem to be any taste from it.

Then I was disappointed again when I discovered there was pickled vegetable in the centre of each piece. Now, admittedly I do not know whether it's the traditional way of making such roll but I have eaten others before whether there wasn't pickle in them. I dislike pickle and so I didn't like this roll. Salmon and avocado were not bad but no amount of it, wasabi or soy sauce could mask the sour taste of the pickle that was exarcerbated by the rice which was more sour than usual. Bleh.

Feeling unsatisfied, I wanted to order their Chocolate Parfait. I was told that they ran out of one of its ingredient i.e. coffee jelly. Knowing that they would most likely not lower its price due to absence of an ingredient, I asked for any substitute but they said there wasn't any and offered to make it as it is but without the jelly. I declined. Yet another disappointment.

Will I go there again? Likely not. Twice I went, twice dissatisfied. Enough.
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  1. William Says:

    Ditch it. SK hates the place.