William & Plan B: 2nd time

I had been wanting to catch up with William for sometime (think the last was...back in Aug?) but it was a little difficult at first because he had a long trip to Canada with his partner (it was a great trip for them :) ) and then he was posted to temporarily work in Singapore once every two weeks or something like that. Then, due to popular demand (or maybe his generousity with red packet :P), he had wedding dinners to attend (when will I get to attend yours ar?).

Then suddenly a window of opportunity appeared...then very nearly closed hahaha. In short, within the last few hours from the tentative time, we (together with Ban as well) managed to have lunch together at Plan B. We wanted a place that had ample parking space and decent food. I never knew how empty Paradigm Mall's carpark bays are during weekday lunch.

Since it is an expensive place to dine at, I planned to try something different from my maiden visit. I ordered eggs benedict with ham (or was it bacon?) and muffins (RM 16).

Plan B 7

Plan B 8

Its presentation looked better than expected. The muffin was soft and the eggs were creamy. Ham was delicious. It was better than the one I had at Big Bad Wolf which had a small amount of vegetable for RM 3 more.

As anticipated, it wasn't enough for me. William kindly offered some of this fried sweet potatoes. Thanks!

I also ordered chocolate milkshake (RM 12), which I forgot to take a picture of. It was not bad but I vaguely recall that it wasn't thick enough for me.

We parted after a 2-hour lunch. Once home, I inexplicably felt so tired. It was as though I had taken sleeping pill. It was so weird. I had to immediately take a nap and felt normal after I woke up.

Strange. Was it the milkshake? The egg benedict sauce? @@
2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Meeting me must have been so taxing!

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Better than never and always worth it :) Thanks for meeting us ya.