Watami @Paradigm Mall

After one particular gym session at Fitness First at that mall, I had a hunkering for ramen. Ban and I headed for Sushi Zanmai but there was already a queue there. I was hungry (forgot to eat apple before the workout) and so we went to Watami, which is just a few doors away.

I nearly ordered their recommended ramen (think it was Tonkotsu Char Siu Ramen) when I came across their Chicken Katsu Curry at the last minute. I hadn't had that for a while and so I ordered that instead.

Watami 1

Watami 2

Presentation was quite nice but just look at the portion of ingredient. Four pieces of chicken and smattering few slices of onion in the gravy. That's it. No carrot, no potato. Stingy for a RM 24.90 dish. So disappointing.

Normally Japanese curry's spiciness is mild but not this one. Its curry is spicy without even considering the chilli powder that they had already sprinkled on it. The saving grace of this dish is the quality of its rice (seems to be authentic Japanese rice) and the chicken pieces (unexpectedly thin flour coating and yet the meat was still moist).

Watami 3

"Much care for good taste"? Not too sure about that. Certainly not for quantity.
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