This restaurant was among the 7 (or was it 8?) ramen restaurants mentioned in The Malaysianinsider and since it's located in PJ (at the new Jaya Shopping Centre), I decided (and drag Ban :P) to try it on a Sunday for late lunch.

Bari-Uma 1

Bari-Uma 2

Bari-Uma 3

Bari-Uma 4

Surprisingly there was lunch set on a weekend. The lunch set (RM 29) consists of a bowl of ramen (choose from 3), a drink and a choice between 2 sticks of yakitori or an ice-cream. Ban and I chose the lunch set where he chose yakitori while I chose ice-cream.

Bari-Uma 5

Bari-Uma 6

It was only after my ramen was served did I notice that there was a difference between the ramen in the lunch set and the ala carte ramen, despite having the same name (gah!). The ala carte Bari-Uma Ramen had egg and possibly 2 pieces of char siu whereas the lunch set version had no egg and only 1 piece of char siu. If I had known earlier, I would have ordered the ala carte version (RM 28) and water.

The soup looked oily but fortunately it didn't taste that way. It was more of pork broth than shoyu, to Ban's dismay. It tasted quite good to me. The ramen texture was good, not rubbery and not hard. There were only 5 miserly pieces of bamboo shoot. The addition of wolfberry was a surprise: it's a first for me when it comes to ramen.

Bari-Uma 7

The yakitori was shockingly short and small but Ban was pleasantly surprised with the use of breast meat. Yet another unusual item. Another plus for him was that it was not oily.

Bari-Uma 8

Bari-Uma 9

The green tea ice-cream was possibly the highlight of the lunch. It was not too sweet or too creamy, with moderate green tea flavour.

Will I go back there again? Likely not because of its price and also for what it offers. I could have ramen elsewhere of similar or better quality at cheaper price and probably with more ingredients.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    ooohh! grean tea ice cream!
    btw, mind if i ask? is ban indian? chindian? eurasian?