Chilli's @Paradigm Mall

The one and only time I dined at Chilli's was years ago at the One Utama's outlet. One day, after a gym session, Ban suggested Chilli's as a change from our usual Sushi Zanmai or Sushi Q. Lo behold, it was just opposite the gym. So convenient :)

Chili's 1

Chili's 2

Chili's 3

We would have parked here if we had known how strict they were :P

Chili's 4

It was my first time seeing a menu that bothered to explain the difference between rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well and well-done.

Chili's 5

Chili's 6

After considering a few options, I decided to take a chance on Lamb Shoulder (RM 33.95). Most lamb steaks I had were tough and so I was hoping this would be different.

Unfortunately, it wasn't. It was tough and a chore to eat. I guess my mouth got a good work out. Too bad because the rest of the dishes were quite good. The black pepper sauce was just nice and not too spicy. Although the mashed potato came with cream (rather than cheese as it was with Ban's dish), the potato's flavouring was more prominent than the mild cream. The poached carrots and long beans were bland and not buttered but went well with the rest of the dish, especially the strong black pepper sauce.

Guess it would be a long time before I try lamb steak again.
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