Still soy milk?

Couple of weeks ago, I blogged about switching from cow's milk to soy milk. Shortly after that, my sister reminded me that intolerance/sensitivity sometimes undergoes an accumulation phase before displaying symptoms. Coincidentally, that night and the next day, I had stomachache (probably irritable bowel syndrome i.e. IBS). Lol.

Ok, I didn't give you an important fact: right up to before that blog post, I had been drinking V-Soy Multi-Grain, which is a mixture of soybean, purple brown rice, black sesame, malt extract and barley. It's smooth and appears to be creamy.

Then I thought of just alternating between that and V-Soy's normal soybean milk, simply because the latter has slightly less sugar. That was when I had stomachache. Coincident? Hmmm...

Here's another information: I switched back to purely V-Soy Multi-Grain. The IBS symptom didn't recur since then.

Is it still coincident?

Regardless, I'll just stick with Multi-Grain since it's yummier anyway hehehe.
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