Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo

I've been slacking in the department of try-new-food-each-week. I definitely can't depend on Ban. In fact, I believed that he hopes I forget about getting us to try new food :) However, to his credit, whenever I suggest new food that I know he can safely eat (i.e. not oily, not fried, not too spicy, lactose-free), he usually agrees to try.

So armed with a Groupon voucher, we had lunch at Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo. I believed that these are two separate restaurants (one serves mainly ramen, the other serves all other food) but housed within one shop at Jaya 33.


Customised bowl! Rare.



I had the Yaki Niku Ramen, which was served in 5 mins! That was so fast. I had the suspicion that it was a misplaced order for another table.

The first thing I noticed was the egg. It looked perfectly cooked with soft yolk and, yes, it tasted delicious! Hmmm should have found out whether I could have ordered additional egg or not.

The beef was not salty (unlike many others I had) and lightly seasoned. There were a variety of vegetables: sliced carrot, beansprout, seaweed and spring onion. Again, this was better than expected.

It smelled good. The soup was, similar to the beef, light in taste. This all worked well because often than not normal ramen tastes salty when you are halfway through it. One downside was that the soup was not sufficient.

The texture of the ramen was quite unusual. It felt almost like Chinese noodle.

Ban noticed that the recommended dishes were different in different copies of the same menu. Hmmm...

Will we go there again? Yes, for sure...and we did! Hehehe. To be blogged next time!
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