Duel Champions: Yukiko won Swiss!

In a previous post, I stated that I tried winning a Swiss tournament using Sanctuary to get my first Sanctuary victory but I failed. I thought too long and in my haste I made costly mistakes.

However, recently, I finally did it! I used Yukiko. It was auto-win in the first game due to a bug (I would prefer to duel properly as I hate the bug myself, being a victim for about 10 times already), won the second game against a player who was ranked marginally higher than me (quite happy with that duel) and won the third game against a player who ranked significantly below me (but sometimes such player do play well and so never underestimate anyone!) and surrendered by the 9th turn after I cast ice meteor.

So, that is my 10th Swiss tournament victory :) The list of victories are as follows:

Necro (2) - both Ariana on standard and BS2 format each
Inferno (2) - Deleb probably on Inferno-only format, Kal-Azaar on "minimum 30 spells" format
Stronghold (5) - 3 Kat on standard and 2 Kat on BS2 format
Sanctuary (1) - Yukiko on standard format

Also, I managed to get my 5 levels to complete the Week of Enrolment quest. Yay! I dearly hope I remember my starting level correctly as I really need a break from DoC for while.

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