The (big) bird

Usually, once I park my car after using it, I'll not only put up the front windscreen wipers but also the solitary back wiper. I thought it's only logical to put up both but apparently most people only bother with the front wipers. Why?

Anyway, the strange thing is that sometimes I noticed that the back wiper was down. I usually assumed that some people had itchy hands and put it down as they walked past. You know what's Ban's explanation? Birds. Oh yes, you heard it right. He said that the birds must have thought, "Oh, what an unusual car. I must fix it". Lol, see lah what my crazy partner thinks up :P

One fine day, Ban was with me when I parked my car. I put up both side's wipers and was about to leave when I noticed that he put down the back wiper.

"Ehhh, why did you put it down?"

"Huh? Ohhhh...I didn't think."

"So all along you're the bird, is it?"

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