During the tail-end of my backache saga, I decided to get back to exercise but still avoided yoga. So I chose to use a treadmill during our weekly excursion to the gym. We went to the nearest FF outlet at Paradigm Mall to exercise.

We had dinner after gym at D'italiane, which is conveniently located just below the gym. I have always wanted to try this restaurant but kept forgetting to do so. It was good that my stomach decided to do so that day hehehe.

D'italiane 1

D'italiane 2

Yes, their menu was sort of in the form of a newsletter. Actually, the overall ambience of the restaurant was pretty good. Later, when the sun about to set, they placed this at each table:

D'italiane 7

After contemplating among a few choices, at the last minute I ordered Angel Hair with Scallops (RM33):

D'italiane 3

D'italiane 4

Looks a little messy, doesn't it? I was a little surprised by the choice of sliced lettuce but pleased with the amount. Often than not pasta dishes have little to non-existent amount of vegetables.

There was simply too much pasta, made worse by existence of only 3 scallops. The texture of the pasta was similar to the Chinese wantan noodle (I felt ripped off lol). The taste was alright but surprisingly spicy. I wonder how potent their black pepper version would be. There was thinly sliced pieces of garlic which was yummy. Unusual dish.

D'italiane 5

I also ordered the Ciocchino Mocha, which was an ice-blended drink. The waiter confused me when he asked me whether I wanted it hot or cold.

Me: Shouldn't it be ice-blended?
Waiter: No, there's no ice-blended.
Me: Please read this description *pointed at the menu*
Waiter: Oh...ok.

That was so strange...and somewhat unpleasant.

Oh, and guess what? Our pasta (Ban ordered Angel Hair too) arrived but drinks had not been served yet. I had to point this out to them before our drinks arrived. I guess they were busy producing water from a salination plant somewhere and needed to wait for it to be transported.

Thank goodness the drink was quite good and flavourful. It was, however, small for the price of RM 13.

D'italiane 6

Unusual glass, right?

Yes, there were a number of unusual things about this restaurant to perhaps differentiate itself from other restaurants but if they don't get their quality right (both in food and service), then those will be pointless.

Will I try again? Yes, I'll likely give another chance.

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