Milk to Soy

I've been drinking fresh milk for maybe at least 5 years. The spark was when I had it first in Australia when I was schooling there. It tasted so much better than most of the milk found in Malaysia.

However, it was quite expensive relative to my salary when I first started working in Singapore. Equally expensive in Malaysia too. It was not a top priority and I had other pressing financial issues than drinking fresh milk e.g. housing loan, saving up for emergency fund, insurance, investment.

Later, when salary permitted, I started drinking fresh milk in Singapore and it was continued when I moved to KL. As a testament to Malaysia's inflation, the price of fresh milk increased from about RM 5.20 to RM 6.40 currently in 4 years i.e. a 23% rise with an effective annual inflation rate of 5.3%.

Recently, during a conversation with a doctor about acid reflux/GERD (he initiated it), I was told that soy milk is better than cow's milk because the latter stays longer in the stomach and somehow generates gas. There may be some truth in that because if I have milk at night, say, an hour before I sleep, half of the time I'll have stomach discomfort. Also, once a while, I have slight diarrhea after having milk for breakfast.

So I checked out the soy milk available in a supermarket. As usual, I'll try to buy food that has the least chemical as possible and in the end I chose Vsoy (RM 4) despite it being significantly more expensive than the next best, Homesoy (RM 2.70). It is still much cheaper than fresh milk.

I've been on soy milk for maybe 2-3 weeks and it's working out just fine i.e. no stomach discomfort and no diarrhea. My only complaint is the added sugar. Homesoy has no-sugar added version but it still has food flavouring.
3 Responses
  1. William Says:

    And I thought beans were hard to digest and cause gas

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    I thought so too. Seems like different doctor has different 'fact' (opinion?)

  3. William Says:

    I can't take soy milk on an empty stomach. Causes pain. Not too sure about dairy.