Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo: 2nd visit

As stated in a previous post, Ban and I had lunch at this restaurant again and, yes, we used Groupon voucher once more.

I had planned to try their sushi since I already had their ramen. However, I was still in celebratory mood (our 5th anniversary :) ) and so I splurged a little more to order Dry Spicy Miso Crayfish (RM 32.90).



It had a "1 chilli" symbol but boy it was spicier than expected. I had to drink water regularly as I ate it. Here's an interesting observation: their Black Pepper Dry Beef Ramen also had "1 chilli" symbol. Gosh, I hate to think what sort of potent black pepper they're using!

It's probably quite obvious that there was huge amount of noodle, and vegetables such as beansprout, carrot, lettuce and spring onion. It was difficult to mixed them together due to the crayfish being placed at the top. I had to move the crayfish to a smaller plate to do so.

The sauce tasted like popiah sauce! Quite disappointing and amusing.

I had crayfish years ago and I remember how easy it was to extract its meat from its shell. However, in this case, it wasn't. It was like pulling meat that was glued to its shell. Also, I don't understand why they fried its skin with flour. I certainly couldn't eat the skin (too tough!) and so the flour was wasted.

The meat, fortunately was sweet and fresh. So were the prawns, squid and crabsticks.

I definitely won't have this again because it was too spicy for me, too large, too sweet and the way the crayfish was cooked was bizarre.
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