Dell: trouble again!

Unfortunately, the last wasn't the last.

Here's how I noticed something amiss: a website told me that my password was invalid. So I thought perhaps I had the Caps Lock on but despite pressing that key a few times, its indicator failed to light up. Later, I noticed that neither did the Wifi and loading indicator.

It was on a weekend and since it wasn't urgent, I e-mailed Dell's customer service. Meanwhile, I ran Dell's diagnostic programme, both on my laptop and on its website. It didn't flag anything wrong. Shortly later, a Dell officer e-mailed me and asked me to do a few things but it didn't help. Hence, he arranged for an engineer to visit me.

About 2 days later, two engineers called and arrived on-site to fix it. They, however, noticed that other indicators on the keyboard were not lighting up as well e.g. the power button, the touchpad. Somehow this was important but I told them I wasn't aware of those because my attention was drawn to the Caps Lock indicator only (and subsequently the other 2 indicators next to it).

They tried doing something (definitely fiddled with something inside) but to no avail. They then called (presumably) Dell's office, reported the additional issue and told me that an engineer (could be them or another one) would contact me and drop by to fix it.

Coincidentally, right after they left, another problem cropped up: the sound coming out of the laptop's speakers were much softer than before and muffled. It was normal if I used an headphone. I highly suspect that those two engineers accidentally moved something out of place. Hmph!

I reported via e-mail to the Dell officer who then told me to ask the next engineer to fix the issue. Later, I discovered from the engineer that he wasn't told of the sound problem. Hmph!

The new engineer noticed that the Alienware word just below the monitor and the logo on the outside were not lighting up either. Oh gosh! On his first attempt, the sound was fixed but not the indicators. He replaced part of the keyboard but still no use. So he replaced the motherboard. Gosh! I really hoped that would work and it did! Yay! Took nearly 1.5 hours.

Due to my previous bad experience, I quick restart my laptop. Yup, it started up as quickly as usual. The sound was normal and all indicators were working as normal. I apologised a little for needing to do these and briefly told him of my bad experience.

Phew! I can't believe how much problem I had with this laptop, compared with the previous one (which had none except for a wonky disc drive). Maybe because it is now manufactured in China rather than in Penang? *shrug* Really hope this is the last one.