Duel of Champions: 13th Swiss win!

Not sure whether 6th April as the rumoured date for the new expansion is going to be true or not as there is still no word or hype on any date. Haiz.

So, I took the opportunity to join the Swiss tournament whenever the format is Standard and when health permits (need mental clarity). I managed to notch my 13th win with Kal-Azaar 4/6/0 control deck :)  The first (Shaar 5/5/0) and third (Kal-Azaar 4/6/0) duels were against opponents of around the same ELO as me whereas the second (Kal-Azaar 3/3/2) duel was against opponent whose ELO was about 200 above mine. Quite surprisingly the 1st duel took the longest time.

So with that, the tally now is as follows:

Necro (2) - Ariana on Standard and BS2 format each
Inferno (3) - Deleb probably on Inferno-only format, Kal-Azaar on "minimum 30 spells" format, Kal-Azaar on Standard format.
Stronghold (5) - 3 Kat on Standard and 2 Kat on BS2 format
Sanctuary (1) - Yukiko on Standard format
Haven (1) - Cassandra on Standard format
Academy (1) - Myranda on Standard format

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