Sushi Zanmai: see no prawn

Remember the "no carrot" incident? Something similar happened recently.

I ordered Kaisen Ramen from their temporary menu:

Sushi Zanmai 9

Apologies for not having the photo of the actual dish that was presented to me. I was then taken aback by the obvious absence of prawns. There are prawns in the picture above, right?

Now, I understand that the actual dish cannot replicate exactly the picture in the menu but to completely devoid of an obvious ingredient is shocking. Incidentally, there wasn't a disclaimer stating either "the picture is for illustration purpose only" or "actual ingredients may differ depending on the availability of the ingredients and/or its freshness".

So, I highlighted this glaring absence to a waiter who promptly took the bowl of ramen to his supervisor. After a few seconds of discussion, the supervisor brought it to the kitchen. A few minutes later, the supervisor brought to me a bowl of the same ramen but this time with prawns and apologised for the earlier omission.

Did it look like the picture? I would say similar but to my surprise the prawns were actually 2 halves of a prawn but cleverly arranged such that it looked like the photo lol. So stingy. Oh well.

This incident marred an otherwise delicious ramen. Its soup was quite rich in...seafood taste :P. It was salty and sweet at the same time but at the right level. Too bad it's not in the permanent menu.

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