Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo: 3rd visit

Wow, didn't realise it took 6 months before we visited this restaurant for the 3rd time. Given the disappointing experience previously, I had hoped that this time it would be must better. I ordered Ohyako Chicken Ramen (RM15.80):


When it was served, I immediately smelled fried garlic. I love fried garlic and so I was pleasantly surprised :) It's visible in the photo above.

There were carrots (both thinly sliced and chopped pieces version), beansprout, seaweed, spring onion, 2 halves of an egg and of course chicken.

The soup and ramen were quite normal while the chicken was mild in taste. Yet somehow everything worked together to make this dish delicious. I am baffled. Maybe it was the fried garlic hehehe.

I'll definitely have this again.

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