Pho Hoa @the Curve

One day, after gym, Ban's brother suggested Pho Hoa for lunch (instead of yet another Japanese lunch). That was an excellent idea as I then recalled Ban and I had looked at their menu for future lunch venue but forgot about it later. The restaurant is on the side, not along the main avenue, and so easily forgotten.

I ordered from the most expensive category because I wanted to have a variety parts of beef (apart from steak), including tripe. It cost more than RM 30 @@

Pho Hoa 1

Pho Hoa 2

The soup was too light for me whereas Ban's and his brother's soup tasted much better. Seems like a waiter caught a whiff of my displeasure because he voluntarily came over to our table and asked for feedback after we were done with the food. I told him about the soup and he said that in future I could ask for change of soup. He was quite friendly.

However, another major complaint was that the meat was tasteless. I doubt they would change the meat for me lol.

I may give this restaurant another try but definitely will order beef noodle without tripe. Paid so much but got so little. There is also another outlet at Tropicana City Mall.
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