Hanging Garden

Ok, these photos do no justice to how beautiful this garden is at the second storey of this house. I remember I was strucked by how...hmmm...pretty and peaceful (calming effect?) it looks. Lush.

Hanging garden 2

Hanging garden 1

I like it but I can imagine the huge amount of effort needed to upkeep it. I wonder whether the owner does it himself or hire a gardener.
2 Responses
  1. zerachiel Says:

    they look beautiful, but maintaining is a big problem, plus it's only a temporary thing, can't expect to keep them forever lush and green for years, did once with money plant at home, in the end, after a year, removing them from the wall, and painting back was seriously a painful task...

    i love gardening, but keeping things simple is easier on long term, plus won't give much headache on maintenance part...

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yah, I imagine the pain of maintaining it. Hopefully it'll be taken care well.