Cracked tooth again! (part 2)

So after the first appointment, I was back for the commencement of the tooth crowning procedure. There were so many steps involved. Please note that some of the procedures were rationalised by me and so apologies to dentists if I get the reasons wrong.

  • X-ray to get the exact position and size of the tooth
  • First mould to get the original size of the tooth for the size of the outsider side of the crown
  • Anaesthesia (a must!)
  • Drilled tooth to make it smaller. Took quite some time
  • Second mould to get the size of the inner side of the crown
  • Created temporary cap (it took about a week for technician to create the actual crown)
  • Fit in the cap, took out to adjust, rinsed and repeated until it fitted it. Halfway through, needed more anaesthesia because it wore off!
  • Adjusted mouth guard
It took 2 hours! This was without waiting time because I didn't need to wait.

I was prescribed some painkiller (Ponstan) and boy, I needed it soon after late lunch but once was enough. Phew.

The 3rd appointment took about an hour for the Dr Mah to take out the temporary cap and fit in the crown. It took many tries (about 10, I think) to fit in, adjust and repeat until it was right (i.e. with very little pressure). I'm so glad that she was so patient and meticulous (I said this before, didn't I?). Adjusted the mouthguard too.

I was given a small tube of Sensodyne toothpaste for me to apply directly on the tooth for 5 minutes twice daily. It did help to reduce the sensitivity gradually.

The 4th appointment also took about an hour but mainly because of waiting time. The actual consultation took only 10 minutes where she asked me some questions, inspected the tooth and adjusted the moutguard.

So hopefully that was the last appointment. The tooth sensitivity is manageable and I wouldn't even notice it if I didn't think about it. Hope it'll get even better.
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