The Coffee Shop

This coffee shop (hehehe) is situated at Aman Suria, near Guardian. If I remember correctly, it opened sometime early this year or late last year.

One day, in a land far far...wait, wrong post.

One day, I followed Ban's family to have lunch there. I was feeling a little adventurous (and yet prayed that my stomach could take it) and so I ordered their Penang laksa:

Coffee Shop 1

Coffee Shop 2

I was surprised by the variety of ingredients it had: long bean, beansprout, fried tofu, fishcake, egg and I think there was sliced chicken breast. They were all good.

The noodle wasn't very spicy but I needed to sip some barley water at times. For some strange reasons, the people there were not eager to take drinks order. I had to try hard to flag someone to do so. Same thing happened when we went there the second time. Sheeesh.

Fortunately, overall the noodle was delicious and hence I had it again during the second visit.

The shop also served Penang prawn noodle, chicken rice, roasted pork rice and BBQ pork rice. I would highly recommend the laksa and according to Ban's mum, the prawn noodle was good too. The only downside is that you probably have to work hard to get drinks.

Their business was not doing well. It was quiet both times (we were the only customers) and yet it was during lunch time where most shops normally get many office workers as customers. Not sure how long this shop will last.
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