Green and Red

One night, after dinner at Paradigm Mall, Ban, his brother and I passed by a Sakae Sushi's booth where they held competition in separating green and red beans (from a bowl that also had rice grains) into two separate bowls within 3 minutes. Only 2 contestants can participate at any one time.

Ban's brother wanted to try but back out after a very short practice session. He concluded it was too difficult to complete it within 3 minutes. I quickly volunteered to take his place and here was the result:

Separate beans

I'm quite proud of myself hehehe. This is especially so given that the way I hold chopsticks is incorrect (was spotted by my late grandmother only when I was 18 years old!), and that twice I placed the green beans into the red bean's bowl and I had to take time to place them into the correct bowl.

I was surprised that they had consolation prize for me: a RM15 Sakae Sushi voucher. Yay!
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