Helpful...or not?

One morning, while Ban was asleep (he is obsessed with Robocraft recently; go check it out! :P ), I noticed that the light switches in the kitchen were a little brown (beige colour) and have patches of black. Yuck! Imagine how much grime/dirt/dust it took to turn them from pure white to that patches of colours.

So I used a rough sponge dipped in soapy water (made up for water and some dishwashing detergent) to scrub it. It was a little tough and required much strength. I improvised by spraying a little Mr Muscle kitchen cleaning detergent on the sponge. I still needed to scrub hard but at least the beige and black stain could be removed.

I took the before-and-after picture of the switches and repeated the process for all the switches in the house. Looking at the white switches, I felt quite proud :)

So when he was awake, I showed Ban the photos.

Me: See this? And then...ta-da! So clean, right?

Ban: What happen to the paint?

Me: Huh? What paint?

Ban: I painted the switches the same colour as the wall (which is beige)

Me: *an "OMG" look*

Oooops! Although the black patches were stain, the beige patches were paint! I was mortified and apologised to Ban. I think he smiled and called me silly :P

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  1. zerachiel Says:

    hehehe, that's cute :)

  2. zerachiel Says:

    hehehe, that's cute :)