Lafayette @Damansara Uptown

One day, Ban and I wanted to dine at Hokano but alas we forgot that it was Tuesday (hehehe), which is Hokano's rest day.

So I suggested trying out this Japanese restaurant (Wakon, I think) but the food wasn't suitable for us. Too many fried food. Ok, ok, actually it was because I wanted sushi but they had none hehehe.

On the way to Wakon, we saw this:
Lafayette 1

So we decided to try Lafayette instead.

Order was made and paid upfront at the counter, after this we were given this:

Lafayette 2

I ordered this:

Lafayette 4

Seafood pasta (RM18.90). The portion is a little petite for its price. The taste was just right but a quite spicy. Normally I'm indifferent to squid but these squid slices were tender and not the usual chewy kind. There were 5 small shrimps and a mussel. Not bad but I wish the portion is a little larger.

Lafayette 3

I wanted to order blended chocolate banana drink but they said they had replaced it with shake version. Bummer.

A staff recommended this drink instead: Elder Flower (RM9). At first the fruity part overpowered the flowery part. The waiter might had overheard me remarking this to Ban because he came over to ask what I thought of the drink. He suggested that I stir it thoroughly and yes, it helped to strengthen the flowery part. It was quite delicious.

Lafayette 5

Lafayette 6

Apparently you can play any of these games...if you sell your soul to that bear (on the right) who wants you :P

On the way out, we came across this halfway down the stairs:

Lafayette 7

So unusual! Nope, it's not working.

Will I dine at Lafayette again? Likely not because it's a little expensive for the amount of food given. I wouldn't want them to decrease the price as the portion was barely enough for me. They should increase the latter instead.
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