Heritage Village @Paradigm Mall

There used to be an outlet at Aman Suria but it had closed shop few years ago. Ban and I ate there only once. After checking with William, I wanted to try the one at Paradigm Mall but I kept forgetting lol. We kept going to either Chilli's, Sushi Zanmai or Sushi Q (which is closed as at now).

So one fine day, I remembered and so we went to Heritage Village.

Heritage Village 1

Heritage Village 2

And I totally forgot to take photos of the food I had :P

I chose their RM11.90 set meal Curry Kapitan Chicken that included the drink sirap bandung. The first thing I noticed was the pickled vegetable side dish which I gave back to them. I don't like pickled food.

The chicken dish was quite delicious. Its spiciness was mild and its sauce was tasty. It had 3 rather large pieces of chicken but overall it seems a little expensive at an ala carte price of RM10.90. Perhaps some may find it delicious enough to justify the price? *shrug*

As evident from the photos above, the restaurant was decorated in Peranakan theme.  Even the songs that were played were Peranakan. Quite good atmosphere.

Unfortunately, Ban didn't like the food there and so it's quite unlikely we'll go there again.
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  1. William Says:

    Definitely not for Bunny