Du Viet @Damansara Uptown

Yet another place that I had been wanting to try for ages lol. I finally visited it after my second appointment with the dentist to treat my recently cracked tooth.

It was around 2pm when I left the dental clinic. Upon the administrator's recommendation, I was walking towards a shop where there's famous nasi lemak and fried chicken. However, I passed by Du Viet and finally remember that I wanted to eat there haha.

I ordered the mixed beef noodle for, I think, RM24.90. It was like RM10 cheaper than Pho Hoa. It was so filling and delicious too.

Knowing that Ban likes eating beef noodle, I told him about this restaurant and we went there soon for dinner.

Du Viet 1

This time, I ordered the Hanoi-style beef noodle (RM15.90). The soup was good and tenderloin was just right. The noodle was average. Overall, I like it but I prefer the mixed version :)

Du Viet 2

I decided to try their lemongrass ginger tea (RM9.90), which was served with syrup on the side. It was soothing and had adequate taste of both lemongrass and ginger. However, it was expensive for its size. I rather forgo this drink to upgrade normal beef noodle to mixed version hehehe.

We'll definitely go there again.
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  1. William Says:

    Overpriced drink.