Kakatoo @Ativo, Sri Damansara

Kakatoo 1

Kakatoo 2

This is actually my third visit. My first visit was terrible. I had their char kuay teow ("CKT"). Prawns were tiny and few (like only 3?). My second visit was a little better but I forgot what I had (sorry!).

This time, I had their braised yee mee with chicken, prawn and cuttlefish (RM13.90):

Kakatoo 3

Kakatoo 4

When it was served, I could immediately smell sesame oil (or at least I thought so). I was pleased, of course :) Tasting its sauce confirmed the inclusion of that oil and it was balanced. Not too salty, not too oily.

The noodle may be a little soft for some people but I'm fine with either way. Its ingredient (including some vegetable) was definitely much more than that in the CKT but it was after all RM4 more expensive. An unusual ingredient was thinly but broadly sliced ginger. Interesting.

Would I have this again? Perhaps only if I have to dine at Ativo e.g. seeking sheltered carpark. It would be more appealing if its price was dropped to, say, just below RM10.
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