Out of Seoul @Ativo

I finally found where this restaurant was: just above Kenny Roasters but to get to it, need to go to the back and take either the elevator or the stairs. Strange.

Out of Seoul 1

Out of Seoul 2

Out of Seoul 3

I was the only customer there at just past 6pm but 8 more came in during the next 40mins.

Checked and confirmed that they had stir-fried japche (RM17). Yay! :)

Out of Seoul 4

Out of Seoul 5

The first thing I noticed wasn't the huge portion of noodle (that was the second thing) but actually the absence of the smell of sesame oil. Tasting it confirmed its absence. That's something different from other japche I've had.

Another difference was the absence of sweet taste. It was purely savoury with a hint of pepper. Unusual japche, at least to me.

It took me some time to find and confirm the existence of pieces of chicken. Small and few. Small slices of carrots and onions. Minimal slices of egg.

Considering the huge portion of noodle but stingy portion of ingredients relative to its price, its value was probably similar to the other 2 restaurants where I had japche before...if you're not looking for the sweet taste.

Would I have this again? As much as I love the noodle, the ingredients were simply too small and so probably won't go there again unless some friends want to.

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