OZ Nov15: Nature

OZ Nov15_6

I know that (and experienced it during my 4-year stay previously) it often rains during early spring but this is late spring! It made the weather so cold. Brrrr.

OZ Nov15_5

This was taken at the same time as the 1st photo. No, I'm not kidding :) This was on my left while the 1st stormy photo was on my right.

OZ Nov15_7

Quack! First ducks I saw on this trip, at Lake Ginninderra.

OZ Nov15_3

Sunshine in the arid land :P

OZ Nov15_4

These wildgrass's flowers are pretty and cheery.

OZ Nov15_2

Looks more like autumn, if not of the green patch grass.

OZ Nov15_1

This is more like spring!

OZ Nov15_8

These leaves look almost white in the bright sunshine. On closer look, they are very pale green in colour. Interesting.
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