Pilgrimage to OZ

Yes, I'm on my annual trip to my sister's place in Australia. This time, I'm staying longer to attend my sister's graduation ceremony (Masters degree :) ). It's much more expensive, though, because I would leave only in Dec. Summer price ticket is a shocker.

So that means I would be doing work while I'm here since there are 2 projects commencing mid-Nov (postponed from Aug) and Dec (the usual year-end project). Oh well :|

The good news is that Ban's here from 2 weeks and he gets along tremendously well with my nephews :) What do they talk about? At least half the time it's about Civilization V lol.

I learned something new on this trip: cricket. My nephews roped Ban and I to play rudimentary cricket in their backyard. Not bad :)

Weather has been a little unkind. Cold and rainy. Not the usual late spring weather. Hopefully it'll get better soon.
2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Cool that Ban joined you. Congrats to your sister.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yah, it's his second time :) I'll let my sister know and thank you in advance.