Robocraft: Doombringer and Lovebeam Mercy in CRF

I listed Doombringer in the Community Robo Factory months ago - before downward thrusters were - but it garnered only 2 rentals.

Recently, I listed it again with the inclusion of those thrusters and chose a top view of it as its listing thumbnail. After almost a week, this was the result:

Doombringer 44

Near the end of its listing period, it had garnered 44 rentals and 1 sale. I was pleasantly surprised, to mildly put it :)

I supposed it's still a good bot to use at 96k RR. At top RR, small swingy plasma bombers generally dominate the sky. It may be time for me to revamp my highest robo-ranked bomber :(

Unfortunately, my Lovebeam Mercy didn't garner any rental or sale :( I relisted it again, with some modification. I replaced the L-shaped aerorods with MKX-1 cubes to extend the guns out a little more to minimise gun-clipping. For the same reason, I've also added MKX-1 cubes to extend the single gun underneath the craft.

Lovebeam Mercy 4

Yes, the side guns at the back are now much more exposed to plasma from above but hopefully this is mitigated by

  • the shields at the back,
  • use of MKX-1 blocks, and
  • my playstyle of moving around constantly
So far, I like this version better for its stability i.e. a little less 'swingy' and of course less gun-clipping (and so more healing). Will have to play more with it (used it in 1 Battle Arena and about 5 Team Death Match).
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