Robocraft: Cluly's Nerf Bomb v4

There are a few bot designs that are viewed as menace in the game. To me, they are Thruster Sticks (TS) SMG and Nerf Bomb (especially the plasma version). Since I believed my albatross-like plasma bomber is simply not sufficiently competitive, I decided to rent Cluly's version of Nerf Bomb and try to see what's the fuss about.

As an aside, I understand from Lathland, a popular youtuber for Robocraft, Cluly is not the first to create the Nerf Bomb but he popularised it by putting up tutorial to build it. He continually improves it and it's now version 4. His version is so popular that Nerf Bomb is nicknamed as Cluly's Ball :)

It took me quite a while to learn to pilot it properly. I tested it in all modes except for The Pit. Here's a video of a quick Battle Arena (only 9mins 15secs!):

The part I have most trouble is to get it to fly off once it crashes to the ground. The only way I discovered (via trial and error in the "Test Bot" mode) is to press S+space bar and, once in the air, immediately press W. Difficult.

It certainly takes skill to pilot this but once you grasp it, it's a great bot. Once, Ban watched me play and praised me for my maneuvering skill at evading rail/SMG shots. I told him that I was trying to turn away and to have stable flight at the same time. The evasive maneuver was incidentally. Wonderful, isn't it? :)

What I'm guessing that some players do is to think this bot is invincible to damage simply because of the shields. That'll be a mistake. You still have to play smart i.e. take cover, hit and run, evasive maneuver, rather than go straight on.

I had great fun playing this bot and I salute its designer for its ingenuity. Currently, it's no longer in CRF and so I built one based on Cluly's tutorial for its second version, modified a little to take into account the additional 5 connection points on the pilot seat as well as some protection at its front. I'll blog about this bot next time :)
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