Cholesterol: change of regime

When I last tested my cholesterol level, the pharmacists expressed concern over the total cholesterol level and especially the LDL (bad cholesterol). The next day, I met a friend who is a doctor and I took the chance to tell him the results. He advised me to seek medical help.

So, once back at PJ, I visited my regular doctor. Like my friend, he explained that they would look at all the indicators and not merely the Total/HDL ratio, which I had been using as a yardstick. Given my healthy diet, his conclusion was that I needed to exercise more @@. At that time, my exercise regime in a week was something like this: 1 hour yoga, 1 hour treadmill, 30 min treadmill or 30 min yoga or 20min swimming x 3 (2 rest days). And I need to increase this???

So far, the new regime for a week is as follows: 1 hour yoga x 2, 1 hour treadmill, 30 min swimming, 45 min treadmill x 2 (one rest day). I sometimes replace the 45 min treadmill with 1 hour yoga if I'm in PJ, rather than Seremban.

While upping my exercise, I am taking atorvastatin as prescribed by the doctor, for 3 months before going for the lipid profile test again. Hope this will work!
2 Responses
  1. Ban Says:

    For some reason I'm also getting more exercise during this regime @.@

  2. William Says:

    The Atorvastatin will definitely help