Although I'm aware of the Dragon-I outlet at The Curve for many years, I had yet to dine there until recently. I have never suggested it because Ban usually doesn't like Chinese food. They are usually not suitable for him.

However, not sure what happened but recently we went there after gym. I'm quite sure it was Ban who suggested it @@ Lol, oh well.

I ordered La Mian with Fried Chicken Taiwanese style and a glass of fresh corn juice. I forgot to take note of the prices :( I vaguely recall that the corn juice was just over RM 6 before service charge and GST.

Dragon-I 1

It tasted like milkshake. Delicious and sweet! I would order this again :)

Dragon-I 2

Dragon-I 3

Dragon-I 4

The soup was clear and simple, almost bland. Clearly stingy on vegetable. The noodle was, however, soft and nice.

The chicken was already cut into small pieces. Unlike many other fried chicken I had, including the supposedly Taiwanese style, this had mild ginger taste. Unusual, isn't it? It was crispy and quite delicious.

Apparently this dish was a little too much for me because I was already full halfway through the chicken. Or maybe it was the fresh corn juice?

Will I go there again? Probably but not often as I'm on an austerity drive :)
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