Franco with Groupon

Apparently, for the first time, there was Franco voucher available on Groupon. From my last visit, their food was expensive based on the portion they served. So I took this opportunity to purchase a RM50 voucher, shared with Ban. The discount was 33%.

I ordered their Mac Cheese. Sorry, no photo because I was so tired (after yoga class and had mild sinus). When it was served, I thought it had only macaroni and cheese but after some digging (oh, yes), I found some mushrooms (the Asian kind?) and 3 pieces of luncheon meat. It was filling but probably due to the cheese.

This time I made room for dessert as I decided to try their vanilla souffle (RM 16.80++). It was my first time trying souffle. According to their menu, souffle is normally served in fine-dining restaurants. I didn't know that and it just raised the bar for me hehehe.

Franco 3

Franco 4

As stated in their menu, it was freshly baked (needing 20mins). When served, the first thing I noticed was the vanilla aroma, which whetted my appetite. It was lightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. There was soft mashed custard inside. I know the proper term should be "fluffy" but honestly, I didn't think it was fluffy at all. Just mashed :)

It would have been much better if it was a tad less sweet. After a third way through, I had to drink some water to cleanse my palette. As much as I loved its texture, this just spoiled my desire to try it again in future.
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