Robocraft: Dark Reinhardt

I built Dark Tracer because I thought the blink module, BLM, would be useful in BA. I managed to play with it a few times before a bug crept in: if the bot was damaged after it blinked, the game crashed. I wasn't the only one experiencing this and we had dutifully provided our feedback (along with the auto-generated crash reports) using the appropriate channel. So I can't play Dark Tracer at the moment :(

As for the shield module, DSM, it was obviously useful in TDM but I was skeptical about its use in BA (my preferred game mode), until I saw a few players using it quite effectively. There were 2 main uses: protecting bot while capturing towers, and protecting bot and team mates while battling multiple enemies. Hence, I decided to build a ground bot incorporating DSM.

So since this bot is meant to be on the front line, preferably with team mates (to maximise the benefit of using DSM), I opted for Mech legs instead of caterpillar tracks since it wouldn't be the hit-and-run kind of playstyle. Wheels are lousy and, as said before, I'm bad at balancing hover blades and rotors. Similar to Dark Tracer, I opted for Aeroflak and Laser (formerly called SMG) combination for the same reasons.

Here's my latest bot, Dark Reinhardt:

Dark Reinhardt 1

Dark Reinhardt 2

Dark Reinhardt 3

Dark Reinhardt 4

There was some leftover CPU, after building the main frame and placing the functional parts, compared to Dark Tracer. In fact, I wish I have more CPU to armor the latter more. The leftover is probably due to using Mech legs i.e. built vertically upward and not needing to armor up horizontally unlike Dark Tracer.

So I've used a significant portion of the leftover CPU to protect the back, where the DSM is, and the rest were used to armour up the front and one layer below to cover up the legs a little bit. See those rounded L-shaped aerorods? I've seen such protective armouring on other bots and decided to try it. I like how it looks :)

The weapons are all triforced, using aerorods. For the less-than-full armoured cubes, I used the rounded version as they have higher hp. Yes, they are also heavier but it's not a concern when using Mech legs. Same reasons applied to Dark Tracer.

Dark Reinhardt 5

Here's how the shield looks like. Still need more practice to place the shield better, especially against LML and to protect team mates ahead (Mech legs are slow!).

Oh, a little bit on the names of these two bots: they are obtained from Blizzard's upcoming FPS game, Overwatch. Tracer is known for her blinking and Reinhardt is known for his shield :) I know I'm not the only one who drew this connection when the modules' features were first announced.
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