Robocraft: Dark Tracer

From previous post, I said that I thought of having a bot with BLM specifically built for BA. I searched the CRF for a chassis that could fit 1 Flak, some SMGs and 1 BLM. However, since I do not know how much spare CPU the bots had, I was afraid to purchase any. Hence, I was forced to build one from scratch. I haven't built one from scratch for a very long time.

I tried using hover blades but failed to balance it. I know I'm quite hopeless at balancing rotor blades. So in the end I chose caterpillar track. Easier to build with...and I'm lazy to build hehehe. Hence, born Dark Tracer:

Dark Tracer 1

Dark Tracer 2

Dark Tracer 3

I wanted to have dual weapon types and when I asked Ban what weapons I should have, he immediately suggested one of them to be Flak, to counter fliers. Although it seems weaker now, Flak is probably still the best anti-air.

I chose SMG as the other weapon type since it is great at short range. So on a one-on-one duel, I have to be most cautious going against ground LML and plasma...or so I believe :)

Dark Tracer's SMG guns are tri-forced against other ground bots except for plasma. Rapid fire of plasma shots would usually devastate most armouring. Yah, see, better to play plasma bomber lol. But bomber needs to watch out for pesky SMG tesseract/drone.

The BLM is fully encased within, with some triforcing to redirect damage to other parts of the bot. This is quite important I use blink mainly to escape and so I will need it to be the last to go.

Oh and here's how blinking looks like:

Dark Tracer 4

So cool, right? It's like warping. The first time I tried it I was like "whoaaaah!". It was so cool and I so want it in my bot. Shomoho, a popular Robocraft youtuber, said he nearly wet himself when he first tried it (at 22:55) lol.

I first tested out Dark Tracer in TDMs. Mixed results as I find that BLM is not that useful in TDM and so the huge CPU sink (nearly 300) is a waste there. So, for TDM, I rather use other bots.

Here are the 2 BA results where I played Dark Tracer in:

Dark Tracer 1st BA

Dark Tracer 2nd BA

As you can see, Dark Tracer did well in both, ranking 4th position without the victory bonus. Its performance ranked among the top kills and/or assist and its damage was among the best too. Of course, having good team mates helped a lot and so I thanked them for the good experience :)

Hopefully Dark Tracer will continue to perform well for many BAs to come :)
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