Robocraft: Maximum Loadout

As stated in the last post on Robocraft, they were going to introduce new component: module. However, the major patch Maximum Loadout, did more than that. Key features are:
  • BLM: module enabling your bot to blink!
  • DSM: enable your bot to place a temporary fusion shield one a side (instead of, say, a dome)
  • SMG and Rail no longer have hit scan
  • Nano no longer damages enemies i.e. purely for healing allies
  • Multiple weapon types can now be mounted on your bot
  • Using modules and firing your weapons drain your power, similar to concept of mana in many ARPG games
However, there are major problems right now:
  • Too many things that cause Rail's inaccuracy, aside from needing to lead now that hit scan is gone
  • Flak damage is fishy. The trigger's radius seems smaller now and damage is erratic
The above problems plus SMG needing to lead now and the buff to wings and plasma damage result in the emergence of fliers. Many of them. Tesseracts/drones aplenty. Bombers aplenty. It was back to the reign of fliers lol. I myself did purchase a suitable bomber but this post is not about that bot.

I tried both modules. I concluded that DSM is most useful in TDM, where multiple allies can benefit from it. I have currently attached one to my mini smg elephant mech. Quite like it :)

BLM can be useful for both TDM and BA. I am still not sure how best to use it. Using it aggressively doesn't seem to work out in TDM. It's more commonly used defensively and that was I usually use it. I figured it's best used in BA for, say, capturing tower fast or to capture tower and then quickly retreat.

So I started thinking of having a bot specifically for BA, with BLM built in it. To be blogged in next post :)
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