To Waze or not to...oh nevermind

Recently we attended Derek's birthday dinner. Naturally, a few days before the day, I started checking Google Maps on my laptop on how to get to the venue as it was new to both Ban and me.

Me: Hey, since you use smartphone, maybe you should install Waze or Google Maps.
Ban: ...... *continues playing game on his laptop*
Me: Especially if Marge (name we gave his Garmin) doesn't know how to get there. Also, Waze can tell whether there's heavy traffic or not.
Ban: ......
Me: Oh wait, you don't have data plan. So forget about it.
Ban: ......
Me: You must be happy, right? No need to do extra work, installing *in a teasing voice*
Me: *LOL*

See, naughty or not? :)
2 Responses
  1. A Law Says:

    LOL!!!! this laughter! So annoyingly funny!