Atlas Reactor: Garrison

One of the first two Freelancers I used is Garrison. Its difficulty is classified as "Easy" and I agree with this categorisation. He is the only Frontline who has no means to self-heal and so I hesitant to change the modifiers that give him shield.

His main ability is Piston Punch, a Blast, that punches enemies within a small arc. Default modifier gives extra damage to the 1st target.

Next ability is Hand Cannon, also a Blast, that damages and slows target, and damages targets in the secondary blast. Medium range. Default modifier increases initial damage by 4 but I chose the modifier that increase its range and and the arc of the secondary blast. This gives him a little more flexibility against enemies who are not near.

The 3rd ability is Missile Barrage, a Prep, that launches missiles, after 1 turn delay, at 3 random enemies (within certain range of course). Default modifier gives shield that lasts until the end of next turn. Nice :)

4th ability is Heavy Metal, a Dash, that allows him to jump to a location and damages as well as slows nearby enemies. Default modifier also gives shield that lasts until the end of next turn. A combo that some players and the AI use is to prepare Missile Barrage and then dash to enemies using Heavy Metal. Next turn, he can use either Piston Punch or Hand Cannon on enemies. So in 2 turns, he can deal bucketload of damage (since enemies are slowed, though they can still dash or teleport away) while getting some protection from the shield gained.

His ultimate ability is Shockpod, a Blast, that drops a pod anywhere on the map (yeah!) and damages nearby enemies. It also drops 4 minor power-ups that give 10 health each to allies. Default modifier allows it to also slows enemies. However, I noticed that sometimes I want to get at enemies who are far away and so slowing them is not as beneficial as trying to finish them off. Hence, I chose the modifier that increases the damage.

He is an easy, albeit a little boring, Freelancer to use and so I recommend this character to all new players. Use him to get used to the gameplay and other players and then switch to others as you like.

Atlas Reactor_6

This is probably the best result I get so far for Garrison. Over 1k contribution :)

Atlas Reactor_19

A more recent game. Though the contribution doesn't look impressive, the game ended on turn 19 (vs turn 26). I had the highest contribution. the lowest was Nix on their team, with just over 300.
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