Atlas Reactor: Quark

My current favourite Freelancer is Quark. Ban told me that it is clearly based on Dota's Io, a game I've never played and not even remotely familiar with.

Atlas Reactor_1

His main ability (always the first one on the left and the only one without cooldown) is a Blast which damages and reveals enemy, and also places a theter on him that does the same amount of damage each turn this theter attached. The modifier, by default, gives Quark 5 health each turn this theter is attached. So cool, right?

The next ability is a Prep which attaches a theter on an ally and heals him that turn and every turn this theter is attached. The default modifier allows theter placed on ally who is beyond a wall. I, however, changed it to be the same as the main ability above i.e. heals Quark each turn theter is attached to ally.

3rd ability is also a Prep that enhances the thether's damage/heal of the 1st/2nd ability. Instead of the default modifier (movement no longer reduced after executing this ability), I've chosen the modifier which provides him 2 health for each active bond. So together with the first 2 abilities, Quark can self-heal a maximum of 14 per turn. Pretty good, right? :)

4th ability is a Dash that enables Quark to dash and place a theter on an ally or enemy. I used this almost exclusively to escape danger. Default modifier increase the landing zone by 1, which is helpful when trying to get away as far as possible from danger.

Atlas Reactor_2

His ultimate ability is also a Prep heals and energies allies in a certain radius as well as provides them Might via the default modifier.

Atlas Reactor_3

Below is a screenshot of one of his best games. I'm quite proud of this performance :)

Atlas Reactor_4

Below is screenshot of opposing team's Quark. He did quite well too.

Atlas Reactor_5
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