New backpack

My backpack was purchased maybe 5 years ago from Body Glove. If I recall correctly, the price was just over RM40.

But alas, a couple of years ago, its inner lining started to peel off. I'm afraid that its outer fabric will give way any time.

Now, normally when I receive e-mail from Lazada, I just thrash it. Possibly because of my sister's suggestion ("try shopping online lah"), I recently read one e-mail and decided to check out backpacks. Cheap backpacks below RM30.

There were a couple I shortlisted and since I do not know the difference between these two in term of quality, I chose the cheaper one: RM 24.70 after 55% discount.

Nikki backpack_1

Nikki backpack_2

Nikki backpack_3

I like it :) If it lasts for at least 5 years, then it's so worth the money spent.

Incidentally, the delivery time was supposed to take 6-8 days but I received it in 2 days! Phew, luckily I was at home when the courier service deliveryman arrived. I had trouble sleeping the night before and so was awake few hours before dawn.

I had bad experience with Lazada's delivery previously. Unbeknown to me, at that time GDex (appears to be their choice of courier service provider), wouldn't attempt to deliver if they couldn't get me on the phone. The two times GDex called me were when I was driving and napping. If they had told me about this procedure at the start, I would have left my phone switched on 24/7. In the end, the item was returned to Lazada and a full refund was initiated.

Well, I'm thankful I received bag fast and without fuss.
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