Overwatch is an FPS game by Blizzard (same developer of Warcraft and Diablo). It is a greatly polished version of Team Fortress 2 i.e. you can change character midgame anytime in the spawn room and there are objectives for the team to complete to win the match.

It's a buy-to-play game that gives you access to all 21 characters (and future ones, if I'm not mistaken). This is important because changing character midgame to counter opposing team's certain character(s) is a key feature of the game. Therefore it will ruin the game if there are locked characters.

I've been watching Overwatch videos on Youtube since January when it was in Close Beta and was looking forward to play it. However, USD 40 is a hefty price for me (can easily buy me 27 balanced meals!) and also I'm not good at FPS game. Therefore, when they had Open Beta from 5 May to 10 May (was extended by a day), Ban and I tried it.

At first, we find it hard going and that we still preferred Atlas Reactor (which is also so much cheaper) but later as we got more practice and getting more familiar with the various maps, we gradually liked it much better. 

We now contemplating buying it although currently my stand is that the price is still too high for me. Moreover, there are no benefits to pre-order whatsoever. Nope, you don't get access to Close Beta that way (bewildering!). So we might as well take this time (launch date is 24 May) to calm down and think it over.
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