Overwatch: Reinhardt

Reinhardt was one of the two heroes (the other was Mercy) that I had planned to play with in anticipation of the Open Beta. I had been watching many videos for tips and tricks.

Of all the tanks, I played Reinhardt the most, followed by Winston. I tried only a few times the other tanks but didn't like them. Reinhardt is my favourite tank as he is quite easy to use and great to have in certain situations.

During the Open Beta, too many people didn't want to play tank or support and so I switched, from time to time, character to Reinhardt to help the team. Won some, lost some :)

Reinhardt uses his huge hammer to smack people around and it does lots of damage at close quarters. He can also Firestrike at quite a long distance but that has cooldown. Another ability with cooldown is his charge: charges and pins enemy to a wall, thereby stunning him for a short time. Then smack him silly :P

His most used ability, however, is his 2000-hp shield. It provides protection to allies stationed behind his shield. Can be generated back to full hp by "resting" it (i.e. stop holding it up) for like maybe 5 seconds.

His ultimate ability is Earthshatter: a cone-shaped damage on the ground that knocks down and stuns enemies caught within the cone. Then smack them silly :P

Here are some highlights (including 2 Play of the Game :) ):

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