Chocolate vs Ice Lemon Tea

One night, Ban and I met simonlover for a drink with other friends. Simonlover was having his late dinner then. He also brought a pack of individually wrapped chocolate.

Simonlover: Have more chocolate.
Me: Oh, enough lor. Had one already.
Simonlover: Only one? At home, I can just eat and eat and eat.
Me: Wahhhhh. Eh, you ordered their set meal?
Simonlover: Yes.
Me: You gave away the Ice Lemon Tea that came along with it?
Simonlover: No, I didn't want it.
Me: Huh? Why not?
Simonlover: So much sugar. Don't want to be fat.
Me: What??? And you can eat lots of chocolate at one sitting and that's not fattening, is it? *laugh*
Simonlover: *laugh*

Lol, silly simonlover :)
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