Be Lohas @ One Utama

This vegetarian restaurant is situated at ground floor new wing of One Utama. It was part of our let's-try-new-things-once-a-week routine.

On their menu, it was stated that their food was at least 80% organic, had no msg, used olive oil, less salt, less sugar. Sounds healthy!

Be Lohas 2

Firstly, right after we ordered our food, we were given complimentary organic spirulina (the 2 green tablets) and a small cup of lemongrass ginger tea. Gosh, the tea was dense. It was refreshing but probably couldn't drink much more than a small cup at such density. Quite sensible portion.

Be Lohas 3

This is a fruits-and-vegetables juice. It was not stated its exact content. Tasted quite bad and came in a really small glass. I suspect that it came from a bottle. I rather have the lemongrass ginger tea. In fact, I rather have MBG mixed fresh fruits/vegetable juice.

Be Lohas 4

Be Lohas 5

This is the loh charcoal noodle. Plenty of vegetable I assure you. Plenty of noodle too. In fact, too much noodle. I couldn't finish it. Its taste was quite bland, even with vinegar. The noodle was thick, coarse and stiff/rigid. Nowhere resemble noodle or the taste of what it supposed to imitate.

Be Lohas 6

Ban had their lei cha's dish, which he said was good. I'm not a fan of this dish and so I didn't try it. Given that Ban is not a foodie ("food's only for survival"), such compliment is definitely ranked high.

Would I go back there again? Maybe to try some other dishes as they have quite a variety. But I better make sure I have some meat for lunch before venturing here again for dinner :)
4 Responses
  1. Ban Says:

    Lei Cha is usually okay what...

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    I've eaten only once and so can't tell.

  3. William Says:

    Lei Cha is an acquired taste. So surprised that bunny eats it.

  4. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yes, it's an acquired taste. But I can see why he's ok with it: not oily, no milk, no red meat, not fried. It's not enough though because of absence of meat.