Garden Salad with Fish Fillet @Rosemary Bites

Finally, I managed to remember to photograph this dish before I started eating it lol. Happened to me many times where I started eating and then discovered how good it was but then regretted not taking a photo of it before eating. After that, despite reminding myself to do it before eating, I almost always forget hehehe.

Rosemary garden salad with fish fillet

As you can see, the salad portion was quite huge and the arrangement of the vegetables was meticulous. Simple but pleasing to the eyes. I like symmetry hehehe.

The first time I ate this, I was surprised at the portion of the fish fillet. It was quite filling and quite delicious. In fact, I could just make do with this dish for dinner. It is one of my favourite meals to have, especially when I'm looking for substantial amount of vegetable. Raw salad tastes refreshing after much cooked food throughout the preceding days.

Guess how much does this cost? Only RM9.80 plus 10% service charge. It's a bargain.

It also can come with chicken fillet. Perhaps I should try that one day.

I also love their chicken kebab and Spicy Olio Seafood. I hope to remember to photograph them before I eat :)
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