Miraku @ Paradigm Mall

Ban and I tried Miraku twice. The first time was part of our "try one new restaurant per week" routine while the second time was after we purchased a Groupon voucher for it.

Although it's at Paradigm Mall, like a few restaurants there, its entrance is outside the mall. I'm not sure how practical that is, especially if it rains. Imagine that on a rainy day you purposely choose to go to a mall that has underground/sheltered carpark but only to find that you'll have to walk outside in the rain to access its restaurants. Bizarre design.

Miraku 1

I like its interior design and ambience. There is ample space and seats are wide and comfortable. It does look a little posh.

Miraku 2

The sushi chef squeezed the rice into appropriate shape as and when needed, rather have them prepared in advance. Similarly for slicing raw fish to prepare sushi and sashimi. This is unlike Sushi Tei where everything is prepared in advance but I supposed that's not a fair comparison.

Beef gyudon 20

This beef gyudon was light in taste. Beef texture was just right though. Cost RM20++

Sushi soba gozen 60

This was Sushi Soba Gozen set, costing RM60++.

I was surprised to find fish among the tempura basket. Unusual choice of ingredient for tempura. The sauce was good but its greatest failing was that it wasn't crispy, which to me is an essential feature of any tempura dish. Cold soba's texture was just right (usually it's a little hard for me) and its sauce was delicious after mixing in the given wasabi. Cawanmushi was soft and had more gravy than a typical cawanmushi. The small dish of cold pasta was sour and, as Ban said, not "enticing". The salmon sushi was thick and melted easily in the mouth. I'm not sure whether it was belly or not. The snow peas were crunchy and sweet - such a pleasant surprise.

The set menu was definitely not for one person (just look at the set above), making it a difficult proposition for dining experience in my opinion as it requires coordination, negotiation and compromise. If that fails, then it's back to ala carte menu. I wouldn't have minded ordering ala carte but the problem with Miraku is that it doesn't have ala carte sushi. You couldn't pick and choose the sushi you want. There is a variety of sushi dishes available but I tend to avoid this (unless it's all salmon!) as it usually has something I don't want.

So, all in all, it was quite a disappointing dining experience foodwise and quite likely I wouldn't go there again. It's a pity though because its service was good.
5 Responses
  1. William Says:

    I think it won't last long

  2. thompsonboy Says:

    I am ok with it...got 20% off with Citibank card.

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    It's still new and so it'll depends on what they'll do.

    Yes, I used Citibank cc the first time. Groupon's discount is even better i.e. RM28 for RM50 worth.

  4. Mr Lonely Says:

    damn miss sushi~ T.T

  5. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Mr Lonely,
    Make some yourself :)